Sunday, March 05, 2006

New Guy Walkin'

That's what I was, for just under a week.

But rarely did anyone make me feel like it. My deepest thanks to Mindy, Luke, Christine and everyone on the tech staff for the opportunities. A couple of brief observations:

  • Friday morning it occurred to me for the first time, as I loaded my car prior to check out, that I hadn't been outside for more than a minute in just under a week.

  • It was a hugely energizing pleasure to be surrounded by people passionate about what they were doing, and to work with people who only know one speed -- full tilt boogie; who don't stop to worry about the extra workload before offering to take on a task in the quest for better customer service, and the simple goal of just doing the job right.

  • Have you ever been to a major museum or an amusement park and spent the entire day completely immersed in the experience, having a blast, only to find out after you got home that there was an entire wing of the museum, or three awesome rides you missed? Thanks Lucy for the pictures! But that's what they did for me. There are rooms pictured in them that I never even saw, people I didn't meet, and more reasons to come back next year.
My thanks to one and all.

Butch Wilson


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