Friday, March 03, 2006

Illinois Technology Conference for Educators

Illinois Technology Conference for Educators

Oh, we're exhausted now. I arrived last night, too late for the kickoff reception, but just in time for a rousing post-reception party at the atrium bar. The synchronicity of computing educators and water garden designers/installers led to some interesting conversation at the old watering hole.

We were up early, to work off our fees as volunteers, greeting conference-goers at the door and sending them of in the general directin of breakfast. Such a pleasure to greet the ICE bunch, even when they are half awake (or was it me, half awake).

The IL-TCE leaders and committees have done such a fine job of lining up presenters, that I couldn't decide which to attend each session. Not only that, but I never got to the exhibit floor until 4pm, just in time to visit 3 or 4 booths before the lights went out.

The most exciting presentations I attended were Susan Chaplik's "WebQuest Makeover". I can't wait to show my teachers how to use Bernie Dodge's web site to get those webquests up and running fast and free.

The other great one was Patti Fleser's "Web Based Tools for ESL/ELL Students". Her web site at Highland Park HS is a treasure trove of resources for both students and their teachers. I can't wait to point my students to the great skill-building games she has rounded up.

The free resources I've learned about in these two workshops would pay for my registration, if I hadn't already worked it off!

Overheard: They thought they knew everything about Word and PowerPoint, but Gail Lovely wowed them with her presentation on unique ways to use them in the classroom.

I really, really have to go to bed earlier tonight, so I have the stamina for another day of all this enrichment and empowerment.


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