Saturday, March 04, 2006


I enjoyed being "stuck" at the Pheasant Run Resort with David Warlick and Tammy Worcester. After conference-goers went along their merry ways, the three of us had time to spare before our rides to the airport fetched us. We chatted about travel experiences, luggage, podcasting, television, and how much we adore the IL-TCE. Each of us considered the conference to be outstanding.

My car arrived before David and Tammy's, so I sported my ScottEVest jacket before braving the elements. I happened to show Dave that my jacket has built-in cord management and plenty of pockets for my iPod, handheld, and other essential gear for an airport expedition. David confirmed what I’ve always suspected. He blurted out, “Tony, you really are a geek!” with a chuckle. If being a geek means that I have my electronic tools and information constantly within arm’s reach, then I'm a very proud geek.


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