Thursday, March 02, 2006

got Wikis and Flickr

Welcome to IL-TCE 2006!

What a great lineup of keynote, spotlight and breakout speakers. My contribution to the conference will be two sessions, one entitled got wikis? and the other Using Flickr in the Classroom. I'll be presenting both today and then the wiki presentation on Friday.

I've got resources posted on my website for both presentations. got wiki? resources are here, and you can access Flickr resources here.

I've also posted wiki pages about both presentations, so if you have used a wiki before or would like to learn how, visit the wiki pages and contribute your ideas about flickr and the use of wikis in the classroom. In addition to this blog, it's another way to learn from each other and extend the conference experience.

Finally, check out my post in the blog today that addresses "The Changing Face of the Conference."

I'm looking forward to meeting many of you and have a great conference!


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