Sunday, February 26, 2006

There's lots to like about handheld computing!

Student with HandheldYou're probably familiar with the notion of providing students with handheld computers as a way to achieve a 1 student to 1 computer ratio. Common reasons for equipping students with handheld computers are their affordability, mobility, reliability, versatility, accessibility, and usability. It's no secret that I, Tony Vincent, like handhelds, but I will give you other reasons (and none of them contain the suffix -ity) why I'm enamored with handheld computing in schools. I will present I Like Handhelds Because.. Friday at 9:45 and 11:45 in the New Orleans Ballroom. I will convince you that tiny computers running the Palm and Windows Mobile operating systems are full-blooded computers that can improve learning. I've designed the presentation so that whether you've never touched a handheld before or if you are an avid user, you'll learn about software and activities that motivate and engage students of all ages.

Oh, and if you bring your Palm handheld to the conference Friday, I'll fill it with all sorts of goodies!


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