Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Education is a Conversation not a Monolog

On January 16th, I ordered the book Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts, and Other Powerful Web Tools for Classrooms from Amazon. I have been anxiously waiting its arrival as I am very interested in these topics. Imagine my suprise when the author, Will Richardson, was scheduled to present at IL-TCE. I had never heard him speak before so I decided to go to his first presentation "The New Read/Write Web: Transforming the Classroom". I loved it so much I decided to stay for his second presentation "What's up with Wikis?" For both of these presentations, he has a website with support material at http://webloggedlinks.pbwiki.com/. As an educator who practices what he preaches, this is created using a wiki, of course. (pbwiki)

There was so much great information that I have decided to just list comments which he made which resonated with me:
  1. Education is a conversation not a monolog. (I think this is my newest favorite quote.)
  2. Teachers will say "publish it" not "hand it in".
  3. Just because we don't get MySpace, it will not stop students from using it. (as a mother of 2 teenagers, this hit home)
  4. Wikipedia is a passonate community contributing to a resource.

Thanks, Will, for an enlightening day. Still waiting for my book... Guess I should of ordered it directly from you instead of Amazon!


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