Friday, February 24, 2006

I'm looking forward to sharing ideas in my keynote at the conference:

“Neomillennial” Learning Styles: From Websites to Distributed-Learning Communities

This session will help participants anticipate the challenges and opportunities posed by students of any age with “neomillennial” learning styles. Emerging digital media are shaping motivations, attributes, and social patterns into types of learning styles quite different than those based on sensory, personality, or intelligence factors. "Neomillennial" learners seek distributed learning situations that interweave face-to-face interactions with communication and shared experiences across distance and time. The talk will demonstrate and discuss examples of middle and high school distributed-learning communities based on immersive game-like educational simulations.

The two spotlight sessions that follow will have some new content, but are primarily "meet the speaker" sessions to allow the chance for extended discussion. Hope to see you there!


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